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Gary picked up his first guitar at 12 years old……and now at the age of 42, he has played on over 3000 gigs worldwide and recorded on sessions for many artists, covering all types of genres and styles. For the 5 years prior to Live Lounge Duo, Gary was  the acoustic guitarist/musical director for ‘Rockyoke’ as well as working with other artists in between Rockyoke shows. These artists include Scott Wright, Scott Bruton, Ian Aspinall, Lee Otway, Sarah Courtney, Tara Chinn, Andy Elly, Tony Fennell, Steven Brady and of course Danny Lee.

As Rockyoke came to an end Gary proceeded to take on another project and became the musical director of "Live Lounge Duo', Gary's passion for acoustic guitar helped form the unique style and quickly put Live Longe Duo on the map! When Gary is not playing live, Gary is still very busy as a session guitarist, working in studios alongside producers across the UK & overseas. Gary also spends his time teaching guitar to students in and around Manchester. His many years of working with a variety of artists and producers in the industry have enabled him to be well versed in many different styles of playing.


guitar/lead vocals

Gary Kirk